Headteacher's Blog 2017-18

Friday 23rd February 2018

It has been lovely to see all the children back at school this week after the half term holiday. If you wondered why Year 6 looked a bit different today they are doing some fundraising this morning, here they are looking cosy in their pyjamas and onsies!

We were all very pleased to see Mrs Nicholls returned safely from Burkina Faso. She made a special visit to St Michael’s School and we are all looking forward to seeing her photos and videos and hearing more about here amazing visit.

As we were not at school for the start of Lent, we have thought about this important season during out assemblies this week. The children have been talking about Jesus’s time in the wilderness and how we can prepare ourselves during Lent to celebrate the good news at Easter. The children have created a special hall display showing each of the Stations of the Cross. The illustrations are beautiful and it is lovely to see the children’s interpretations of the story.

The children will go without their morning snacks today as we are taking part in the Cafod Lenten Fast day. I’m sure that being a little bit hungry will help them to think about all those children across the world that are not as fortunate as we are.

Yesterday morning the whole of KS 2 walked down to Mass at St Edmund’s. The children read beautifully and Father David made us all very welcome. This morning we have had our Lenten Mass at school. I was delighted to see so mnay families, parishioners and members of staff there, it was a lovely Mass. Please do come and join us on next Friday at 8:15am if you can.

Year R has had some very special visitors this week as part of their topic: People who help us. They were all bandaged up on Monday with Nurse Holly and yesterday they had a visit from Mark and his ambulance! It is all very exciting!

We have started our auditions for the Talent Show and we have been very impressed by the standard and variety of the entries already. We have lots more acts to see next week!

We have started a new Yoga club for the younger children this week and there are lots of new recruits to the Basketball club on Thursday mornings. It’s great to see so many children getting involved.

It’s forecast to be very cold for the nest week, please keep warm!




Friday 9th February 2018

As we reach the February half term this marks that point when we are now half way through this school year! The time seems to have passed so quickly yet when we think back to the start of the autumn term, we can see how much the children have grown and changed. It always feels as if the time passes even more quickly as the year progresses and the days lengthen and summer approaches. We still have so much to do this year and so much to look forward to!

Over the past few weeks I have been into every class to see what the children are learning. Year R have been finding out about Chinese New Year and hunting for shapes. Year 1 have been writing some wonderful stories about the book, ‘Shh! We have a plan!’ In Year 2 there has been some more great story writing based upon Little Red Riding Hood.

Year 3 children have been building their own volcanos and erupting them! They have loved this topic and they have learnt so much across the curriculum. Here they are:

Year 4 and Year 5 pupils have been working on challenging fraction problems and Year 6 children have been tasting and writing about Mayan food, which is best, chocolate or corn?

Our Golden assembly yesterday allowed us time to reflect on what we have all achieved this term and how much the children have learnt. They always enjoy Golden Assembly, even though it is usually rather long! They do enjoy hearing about everyone’s achievements and sharing their successes as a school. Thank you to all the children and teachers for their wonderful work this term.

We took part in Safer Internet Day this Tuesday and this gave us all the chance to think about how we protect ourselves and stay safe online. I think the children will always be at least one step ahead of us so it is really important that we talk to them about what they are doing online, why they like, who they talk to etc.

Next week we begin the season of Lent as we prepare ourselves for Easter. It is a shame we are not at school next week as the Year 1 children will miss the Godalming pancake races and we obviously won’t have our Ash Wednesday Liturgy in school this year. We will talk about Lent when we return to school.

We have had an amazing time travel assembly from Year 1 this morning. They took us back in time with Doctor Who. What a lovely way to finish the half term!

Have a lovely half term holiday,




Friday 2nd February 2018

We are now into February and whilst it is still very cold, the mornings and evenings are definitely getter lighter.

This week I took 53 children from KS 2 to London to take part in the Young Voices Concert at the O2 Arena. As you can see we all wore bright green hats to help us keep track of everyone!

This is the fourth year that we have taken part and we had the biggest choir yet! Our children made up a huge choir of 7800 children. We have been rehearing since September, learning the songs and dance routines. It is amazing to be part of something so large, and hearing all the voices together is very special. There are some of our Year 6 children who have taken part every year and there are lots of younger pupils already excited about joining us next year. The children were fantastic, it was a very long day but great fun for everyone involved. The choir sang a few of the songs this morning for the rest of the school in assembly. 

Year 2 children are off to Brooklands Museum today as part of their topic on transport ‘From A to B’. I’m sure they will have a wonderful day out, I'm sure they will be able to tell me all that they have learnt when they get back this afternoon.

We sadly said goodbye to Emily and Josie yestreday as they start their journey to live in Australia, we wish them every happiness there and we are looking forward to hearing about all their adventures.


Have a lovely weekend,






Friday 26th January 2018


We have enjoyed a wonderful Wellness week! It has been great to see the enthusiasm with which the children have taken part in all the activities.
We started the week with yoga sessions in each class. The children were so still and calm, it is certainly something we will try to do more of. Here are the Year 1 class enjoying their yoga session:

Try it Tuesday was a great success, with children across the school trying new foods: chickpeas, edamame beans, beetroot, sunflower seeds and more I hope they will be as adventurous at home when trying new foods!, We all liked the healthy snacks on Wednesday. After the wet start and the initial crowd had dispersed, the children all had vegetables at break time and they could buy the healthy snacks for 20p. Here are some of the girls sampling the delicious vegetables:

Each class has done some cooking this week and prepared a healthy meal or snack. From fruit kebabs to volcanic cous cous, guacamole and flat bread, there were some lovely things being made.  It has been a very successful week and so important for us to take time to stop and look after ourselves inside and out.

The responses for the Talent Show have been flying in; I can’t wait to see the acts! We will now arrange the dates and times for the auditions and let the children know when their audition will be very soon.

Our assemblies this week looked at Jesus calling his apostles to ‘Follow Me’. We thought about the job fishermen do and how they left their nets straight away to follow him. We asked ourselves to consider that if Jesus was looking for his disciples today, would he choose us? As we sang our hymn: ‘Will you come and follow me?’ We thought about the words and how we can show that we are followers of Jesus through what we do, say and think.

There was triumph at the Indoor Athletics Tournament for Year 3 and 4 yesterday afternoon. The team won and they were delighted. Thank you to Mrs McCarthy and very well done to you all.

We have enjoyed Year 2’s class assembly this morning.  The children sang so beautifully and told an alternative version of the story of Red Riding Hood and told us what they have learnt about their new topic from A to B. They will be learning even more next Friday during their visit to Brooklands Museum.

The Choir have been rehearsing since September for the Young Voices Concert which takes place next Wednesday at the O2 Arena in London. The children are really looking forward to it!

This Sunday we have our Spring Term School Mass at St Joseph’s Milford at 10:15am. Please do come and join us. 

Have a lovely weekend,




Friday 19th January 2018

During our assembly on Monday we thought back to Christmas and the gifts given to baby Jesus, we talked about what gifts we would have given. The children were able to tell us all about what they could give; from toys for a baby, a smile or love, these are lovely gifts which will never run out and cost us nothing. We talked about our gifts and talents and how we must use these well. The school council explained about the upcoming Talent Contest and how to enter. I have already had lots of children telling me what they plan to do; there is a real buzz of excitement and preparation around the school. I can’t wait for the auditions to begin!

On Wednesday afternoon three of our Year 2 children went to Busbridge Infant school to take part in the first of a series of more able maths sessions. The children really enjoyed it and it is a great opportunity to use their reasoning and fluency and to share their learning with others.

Yesterday afternoon a team of talented athletes from years 5 and 6 took part in the Indoor Athletics Tournament at Broadwater School. They came joint 2nd place with only 2 points between them and the winning school. The children have been training really hard each week and they have improved their skills and techniques whilst having fun! Well done to you all.

We introduced the Wellness Week, which will be taking place next week, with a special assembly this morning. The children were so still and thoughtful and the whole school joined together in a short meditation and prayer. This exciting initiative is a great way to start 2018 with a focus on healthy eating, activity and mindfulness. During school time the children will try a yoga session, taste different fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks and also contribute to ‘Thank Banks’ in the classrooms. There are also suggestions for families to try things together at home, mindfulness before bed, tech-free Thursday and even ‘Broga’ yoga for blokes! It is so important that in our busy lives we take the time to stop and look after ourselves and each other. We are all really looking forward to the week.

Here are our Year R class being wriggling snakes this mornign during PE!

Have a lovely weekend,





Friday 12th January 2018

We have been back at school for the whole week and everyone has settled back in to the New Year well. Our new hall display is up and looking splendid. Each class has created an important part of our school community to tie in with our RE topic on the local Church. We have a life size Father David; the sisters, including Sister Anne, and Ladywell Convent; the churches: St Edmund’s in Godalming; St Joseph’s at Milford and St John’s in Farncombe with St Edmund’s school in the centre. It is really colourful and I’m sure you will recognise all the places, please do come in and have a look.

We had a visit from two of the actors from Wintershall on Tuesday morning. They told stories of Jesus from the viewpoint of Mary and a Roman centurion. We are fortunate to have this special link with Wintershall and the children have really enjoyed and benefitted from the workshops and assemblies we have had.

Yesterday morning I popped into each class to see all the children and find out what they were learning this week.

Year R have been making amazing progress with their phonics and reading. They have been learning about Epiphany and also writing number sentences and finding 1 more.

In Year 1 the children have been busy writing and working on their punctuation and using exclamation and question marks.

Year 2 children are starting to prepare for their Class Assembly with some interesting and very funny versions of fairy tales and learning about their new topic from A to B.

In Year 3 the class is working on multiplication calculations and the children have made some interesting edible volcanic breakfast cereal creations!

Year 4 children have loved learning about Roald Dahl and they are continuing this work this term. They have also been finding out moire aboiut the INvictus Games. In PE they have been very active and they are improving their athletics skills.

There has been more multiplication in Year 5 with larger numbers they are tackling long multiplication. The children are also starting their new topic on the Romans.

Year 6 children were at Surrey University on Thursday, taking part in an amazing science day. The children took part in science experiments using all five sense, they even made their own sherbet and had a delicious lunch! We have taken part in several of their outreach programmes aimed at local primary schools and they are always fantastic.


The time does fly by once we are all back at school!


Have a lovely weekend,






Friday 5th January 2018

Happy New Year and welcome back to everyone. It is always lovely to have our school family back together after the holidays. The children have been very keen to tell me about their Christmases, all the gifts they received and their exciting holiday activities.

The season of Christmastide continues until next Monday 8th January, when we will celebrate the feast of the Baptism of the Lord. We had a special Epiphany Liturgy this morning where we thought about the wise men’s journey following the bright star. When we look up in awe and wonder at the night sky we can imagine how the kings may have felt following the same stars searching for the new born king yet not knowing who they were really looking for or where to find him. 

As we pack away our crib and decorations for another year this reflection seems especially relevant:

When the song of the angels is stilled,

When the star in the sky is gone,

When the kings and princes are home,

When the shepherds are back with their flock,

The work of Christmas begins:

To find the lost,

To heal the broken,

To feed the hungry,

To release the prisoner,

To rebuild the nations,

To bring peace among others,

To make music in the heart.


I wish you all a very happy and peaceful 2018,





Thursday 21st December 2017

It’s the last day of school this year before Christmas and the excitement has been building all week! We have all had had a lovely last week at school.

On Monday we all enjoyed Years 5 and 6’s wonderful production, ‘What Christmas Means to Me’. It was very funny and the children sang beautifully.

On Tuesday morning Father David celebrated our special end of term Mass, it was lovely to see so many parents and grandparents join us, thank you.

Yesterday we had our Golden Assembly; the children were very good as it always takes quite a long time to hear about all the wonderful thing they have been doing! In the afternoon it was Christmas party time. The children changed into their party clothes and enjoyed games and food together. During the afternoon we heard bells ringing and a very special visitor brought presents for each class. The children were very excited and really enjoyed the parties.

This morning we heard Year 5 and 6 singing on Eagle Radio, they were chosen as one of the winners of the Christmas Carol competition. You can listen again here: https://www.eagleradio.co.uk/christmas-carols.php

We will finish the term with our ‘Carols Round the Tree’ at ten past one this afternoon, please do come and squeeze into the hall and join us singing carols for our festive celebration!  

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a very happy start to 2018.

See you all next year,



Friday 15th December 2017

It's the final Friday before Christmas and the last Friday at school this year! It's been a lovely Christmassy week with plays and preparations taking place every day. 

We have seen Years R, 1 and 2 journey to Bethlehem dressed in tinsel and tea towels they retold the Christmas story through a 'hoity toity angel' who had to learn the important message that it's not the outside that counts it’s what we are like on the inside that matters. The cast of ninety 4 to 7 year olds were wonderful! 

It was then the turn of Years 3 and 4 who prepared a beautiful Carol Service. The children sang so well I was really impressed by the way they shared the 'greatest story ever told'. Being able to use the church for the evening was lovely and the children's voices sounded extra special there. 

This morning we reached Years 5 and 6 who performed their musical play 'What Christmas Means to Me' to the whole school. It was very entertaining and the children really loved performing together. They finished by returning to the true meaning of Christmas. 

I'm very proud of all the children, they are funny, thoughtful, confident and talented and I hope that they will always remember these special moments at school. 

More than two hundred Christmas lunches will be served today! There is always a lovely atmosphere in the dinner hall on Christmas lunch day and the children love the Christmas crackers too. The children don’t have to queue up for their lunches today as the teachers and TAs (dressed in Christmas hats and jumpers) will serve them at the tables as a treat!

We have only four days left next week I hope that many families will join us for our Advent Mass on Tuesday morning at 9:30am and for Carols Round the Tree on Thursday afternoon at 1pm before we break up for Christmas at 2pm. 


Have a lovely weekend and keep warm,




Friday 8th December 2017

The Christmas Market was a great success last Saturday raising over £2000, thank you to everyone who helped and came and supported this special event.

This week the hall has been in use all day every day for rehearsals! We will start the performances off with Year R, 1 and 2’s ‘Hoity Toity Angel’ next week. Years 3 and 4 are preparing a very special Carol Service and Years 5 and 6 are putting the finishing touches to their Christmas production, ‘What Christmas Means to Me’. All of the children are very much looking forward to showing us all what they have been working on. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the performances in full, I have seen bits of all of them and from my office the singing does sound lovely.

Here are some of the youngest children rehearsing this morning:

This week, we have recorded a carol to send to the Eagle Radio Christmas Carol Competition. They have been singing really well and we hope that it might be featured on the Eagle Radio website before Christmas.

Year 5 and 6 walked to Mass yesterday morning at St Edmund’s Church. We try to take the older children during Advent and Lent each year. It was a wet morning and we arrived looking a little muddy and windswept! The children read beautifully.

Tomorrow afternoon children from Key Stage 2 will be singing at 2:50pm at the Pepperpot as part of the Christmas Festivities. If you are doing your Christmas shopping in town please do come and listen and join us.


Have a lovely weekend and keep warm,




Friday 1st December 2017

It’s certainly feeling really wintery as we enter December, there were even a few snowflakes as I arrived at school this morning. Everyone is very busy preparing for Christmas.

We have the beautiful Christmas tree in place in the hall and the wonderful Christmas hall display is all ready! This year we have huge Advent Calendar with 24 door made by the children to open, we will open the first door during assembly this morning. It is so colourful and the children are looking forward to seeing what will be revealed on opening each of the doors. The Travelling Cribs are all ready to start their journeys to everyone’s homes as we think about the journey Mary and Joseph made to Bethlehem. Look out for your special visitors over the coming weeks.

Today is the last Friday before we begin the season of Advent. It is a time of waiting expectantly as we begin the new liturgical year and prepare ourselves for the joyful season of Christmas. In the secular world Christmas has well and truly started already and we want to show the children the difference between this frenzy of shopping, festivity, lights and advertising and the Church’s season of Advent. As well as the display in the hall, and the travelling cribs, the children will have special Advent wreaths in each classroom to help them prepare and countdown the weeks.

The children are busy rehearsing and preparing their plays and concerts for you. It is a very exciting and busy time in school, I think it is my favourite time of the year, seeing the children excitedly preparing really is very special.

This week we finally received our Ofsted report letter, which I was delighted to send out to parents, an early Christmas present! It seems like a long time ago now, thinking back to the start of November.  Everyone worked very hard and we are all very proud of the children, staff and our school community and pleased that the inspectors recognised what makes our school so special.

The children are very colourful today with crazy hair too! They do enjoy days that are different and they have brought in so many bottles for the Christmas Market tomorrow, thank you. Here are a few of our crazy children:


Have a lovely weekend and see you all tomorrow at the Christmas Market,




Friday 24th November 2017

We started the week with a wonderful celebration for our school feast day on Monday. We had a special Mass in the morning with many parents, grandparents and parishioners joining us. In the afternoon there was a treat for the children with a magic show first for Years R, 1 and 2 and then for KS 2. The children really enjoyed the entertainment and were keen to try to work out how the different tricks were done!

On Wednesday Years 3 and 6 had a visit from Jules from The Palaeolab. He brought an amazing collection of fossils to enhance the children’s learning. The children were fascinated and loved his enthusiastic presentation. It was really amazing to touch something that would have been alive a million years ago!

In the afternoon a group of our Year 6 children took part in the second of our writing workshops led by the English subject leader from Tormead. We invited local schools to attend and we had children from Busbridge Junior, The Chandler and St Thomas of Canterbury in Guildford with us. The workshops are a great opportunity for the children to develop their creative writing.

It was the turn of our Digital Leaders to experience a workshop yesterday afternoon when they went to Tormead School to rake part in some exciting sessions including coding and using green screens. They children in KS 2 can apply to be Digital Leaders each year and they support the staff and pupils with their skills and expertise in computing.  

The shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child have come in fast this week and have been collected this morning. It is a lovely thing to do and the children have enjoyed telling me about the gifts that they have chosen to put in the boxes and who they are for. When we have so much it is especially important for us all to think about those who are not as fortunate as we are. We hope that the children will enjoy receiving their Christmas boxes. Thank you for your support.


Have a lovely weekend




Friday 17th November 2017

We have had a colourful start and end to this week with odd socks on Monday and a mufti day today!

The odd socks were worn on Monday to kick off Anti-Bullying week and raise awareness by celebrating our differences and individuality. The children have created posters on this years’ theme ‘All different, all equal’. We have reviewed our child friendly anti bullying policy with some of our Digital Leaders to ensure that it is up to date and effective. This is now on the website and do look out for our new posters around the school.

Today we are wearing mufti as preparations get underway for the Christmas Market on 1st December, children have brought in sweets today for the sweet tombola stall.

We thought about Remembrance Day on Monday morning and Year 6 children led our assembly sharing their learning and reflections on their recent visit to the Poppy Factory in Richmond. It is so important that the children know why we remember those who died for their country so that they can pass on the stories to the furture generations and they are not forgotten. 

On Tuesday after school we hosted a staff meeting with St James in Elstead, Loseley Fields and Green Oak teachers. We are all working on imporivnjg teaching and learning in maths and we were moderating children's work and looking for evidence in the children’s book that they are working at or above the expected standard. It was a really useful session and we have lots of ideas to work on and follow up on at our next meeting.

On Thursday morning we had a special assembly led by Chris and Jackie from CAFOD. They explained how our donations really do make a difference. They told the story of the Three little pigs and linked this to the work done in the Philippines following the devastating typhoon a few years ago.The children do enjoy helping others and we saw a wonderful example of this yesterday. Evie, Tom and Ollie had organised a doughnut sale for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day. It was a great success and they raised over £260. Thank you all for your support, everyone enjoyed the doughnuts too!

We have had hymn practice this morning in preparation for our St Edmund’s Day Mass on Monday morning at 9:30am, please do come and celebrate with us. There will be a treat for the children in the afternoon, I’m sure you will hear more about it on Monday.


Have a lovely weekend




Friday 10th November 2017

We have returned to normal this week, if there is ever such a thing as a ‘normal’ week in a primary school!

We started the week by talking about Guy Fawkes and the history of Bonfire Night. The school council children who have recently been to visit the Houses of Parliament were able to tell us all about the rooms they visited and the cellar underneath the king’s chair where the gun powder was stored! We also spent time reflecting on the month of November and remembering those who are no longer with us. The children have been selling poppies at lunchtime and we will have a special Remembrance assembly on Monday morning.

Next week is Anti-Bullying Week, the theme this year is ‘Everyone equal, Everyone different’. We will kick the week off with odd socks day on Monday to celebrate our individuality! It will help us all raise awareness of bullying and empower all children to have a voice and talk about what is right and wrong. Each class will create a poster representing the theme of this years’ week, look out for them around school.

Year 2 children had an exciting day at Hampton Court Palace on Tuesday where they learnt more about Elizabeth I as part of their topic on famous people.

Also on Tuesday, Year 1 enjoyed a special seaside workshop at school lead by Chertsey Museum; the children tried on Victorian costumes, wrote seaside postcards and performed a puppet show.

On Wednesday we welcomed many visitors during our open morning, as prospective parents looked round the school. The Year 6 children led the tours and did a fantastic job of showing off their school. They love doing this and so many parents commented on how wonderful they were as ambassadors for the school. Well done!

Yesterday we had a visit from a group of our school governors who came to do a Learning Walk looking at maths and the progress that children make across the school. We visited every class and it was great to see how much the children love learning and how much they can do by the time they reach Year 6! The children were really engaged and enthusiastic about learning in all classes and they have really been working on their reasoning skills, this was evident in all the classes.

This morning we have been transported back in time to the Stoneage by Year 3 in their amazing assembly. We had a very special edition of the Antiques Roadshow where we learnt all about stoneage life, saw cave paintings and even heard instructions for washing a woolly mammoth! It was great fun, we could all see how much you are enjoying learning in Year 3!


Have a lovely weekend




Friday 3rd November 2017

Welcome back, what a week it has been!

We started with our INSET day on Monday. This was a date shared with all our confederation schools where we met together at St James in Elstead to share good practice in maths. Teachers presented workshops on different areas including using mathematical language, using the bar method, teaching times tables and mastery in maths. We returned to school in the afternoon and looked at children's work in maths and English in their exercise books. This was really helpful as we could see the progress that the children had already made this year.

On Tuesday we welcomed the children back and found out about the customs and traditions associated with Halloween during our assembly. We talked about All Hallows Eve and the children knew about All Saints Feast day on 1st November. Although we often think of many modern Halloween traditions as American, most originate from the Celtic festival Samhain and much closer to home. For example Mischief Night involved children in Derbyshire and Northern England knocking on doors and tricking people! The children were all very excited about dressing up and going out that night.

Shortly after assembly I received a phone call to inform us that our Ofsted inspection would take place the following day. After talking to the inspector, it was all systems go as we prepared for the next days' inspection! It was lovely to see the whole school community come together supporting us all, from the children, teachers to parents everyone was really positive and encouraging! I was extremely proud of everyone on Wednesday, it was a long and busy day but there was a great atmosphere of teamwork throughout the school. The letter with the inspection finding will be published in the next few weeks and I will send this to you all as soon as I am able. Thank you for all the good wishes and positive comments they are very much appreciated by us all.

After the inspectors left on Wednesday evening we were off to Fr David's induction Mass celebrated by Bishop Richard. We are very fortunate to have Fr David as our parish priest and he has been a wonderful presence in school since his arrival last spring. It was a lovely celebration and an honour for the school to be involved. The children read beautifully and received many compliments, well done.

Year 5 enjoyed a day learning about Ancient Greece at Chertsey Museum on Thursday, they had a great day which really enhanced their learning on their topic.

Although we have only been back for 4 days, I think we are all ready for the weekend!

Here are some of the wonderful firework poems Year 1 children have written this week: 

Have a lovely weekend; enjoy and stay safe at any firework or bonfire celebrations you may be going to!





Friday 20th October 2017

It was an unusual start to the week weather wise with the grey-orange sky on Monday creating a strange, eerie atmosphere at lunchtime in the playground much to the excitement of the children. We finish the week with storm Brian looming, I hope he doesn’t cause too much disruption at the start of the holiday!

We have had our Parents' Consultations this week. Thank you for coming; I hope that the appointments were useful; it was certainly really good for our teachers, especially the new members of staff, to meet everyone and discuss how well the children are doing this year.

During our assemblies this week the School Council talked to everyone about their visit to the Houses of Parliament last week. On Tuesday we thought about October being the month of the rosary and prayed part of the rosary thinking about the joyful mysteries.

Wednesday was the first Golden Assembly of the school year. The children were presented with some very special awards. Headteachers awards were given for excellent attitude, improvements, resilience and perseverance. There is always great excitement when the house point winners are announced and this time it was no exception! It's always great to see how supportive the children are of their classmates and the other children.

Today the children are dressed very colourfully in the colours of the Burkina Faso flag on our special mufti day to raise money for St Michael's school in Manni, which we are partnered with. We hope that the money we have raised today will enable the children there to have a better chance of an education.

We will send them this photograph of our colourful school today!

Have a lovely half term holiday, I think everyone is ready for a well-deserved rest, I know the teachers are!


Friday 13th October 2017

Thank you to all the families who came to last Sunday's School Mass, it was wonderful to see so many families there. The children read extremely well and they all enjoyed helping with the Mass.
We started our week with an assembly celebrating the children's learning from Little Way Week last week. The children learnt about St Therese of Lisieux. They thought about little things that they could do every day to help others and share love as Therese did. The children have really been inspired by finding out about her short life. I hope they continue to do these little things at home this weekend! 

This week we have welcomed back Mrs Millis and we are all delighted to have her here with us again. 
On Tuesday I took our KS 2 school councillors to the Houses of Parliament. We travelled to London by train and walked across Westminster Bridge, the children enjoyed seeing the sights. During our visit we had a tour of Parliament; saw the speaker’s procession which takes place every morning as John Bercow enters the House of Commons accompanied by the Sergeant at Arms who carries the mace. The speaker even stopped to say hello to the children. We visited the House of Lords where David Blunkett former Education Secretary, now a Lord was there with his guide dog. The children learnt so many fascinating facts about Parliament including visiting the room above where Guy Fawkes hid the barrels of gunpowder! The children were very well behaved and returned with a great understanding of how powerful their voices can be.

This morning we have enjoyed another great celebration assembly, this time it was the turn of a class of skeletons from Year 4 who taught as all about the human body, the skeleton, the brain, exercise, putting parents to the test and even the Macarana! I really enjoyed seeing them all having fun and enjoying their learning. They looked great in their costumes which I hope they will be able to wear again tonight, they should also be able to perform the Macarana again too! 

We have our Harvest Liturgy this afternoon thank you for all your donations for the Godalming Foodbank which have been pouring in this morning. The children are looking forward to sharing their special service of thanksgiving with you all later today. 

The children are very excited about the Spooky Discos this evening; they are really looking forward to dressing up too! 

I look forward to seeing everyone next week at our Parent Consultation evenings. 

Have a wonderful weekend, 



Friday 6th October 2017

After a wonderful adventure with Year 6 last week, it was great to see the whole school back together this week. During our assembly on Wednesday we talked about challenges and looked at some of the photos and experiences of Year 6 last week. The children loved the challenges and it has really helped them to see just what they can achieve if they work hard and push themselves in all they do. The Year 5 children are already very excited about their visit next year.

We started the week with our Commissioning Service where children promised to carry out their roles and responsibilities to serve one another as part of our school family. We have had a very busy time with the Book Fair in school and the Life Bus visiting- sadly without the bus as it had broken down! We had the lessons in the classroom instead. The children still enjoyed finding out about how to live safe and healthy lifestyles.

Thank you to the parents and volunteers who attended the Safeguarding session with me on Tuesday morning and to those parents who stayed fir the Life Bus parent session on Wednesday morning we hope you found them useful and informative.

Last Friday we very sadly said goodbye to Mrs Millis after her amazing 15 years at St Edmund's, we thank her for all the wonderful work she has done for the hundreds of children she has cared for, she will be greatly missed and we wish her every happiness in her new job.

This afternoon we will welcome our Grandparents to school, we are excited about performing for them and hope they enjoy the afternoon. It will be a very special afternoon, the singing sounds beautiful! Here is the Year 3 practicing this morning. 

Please do join us for our Autumn Term school mass this Sunday morning at St Joseph's in Milford; I hope to see lots of families there.


Have a lovely weekend,




Friday 29th September 2017

I can't believe it's the end of September already, it will be October when we return to school on Monday!

I have had had an amazing week with Year 6 at Outdoor Adventure in Bude, it has been a priviledge to spend the week with such a lovely group of children. They have been really wonderful; great teamwork, determination and approaching everything with enormous enthusiasm and a smile. They have learnt many new skills: surfing, bodyboarding, canoeing, archery, abseiling, climbing and coastal traversing. We have spent the week in a beautiful location, the north Cornish coast, all activities taking place in or above the rolling waves. It has been a week to remember for us all. I was especially pleased to have managed to stand on my surf board after several years of trying! It just goes to show how important it is to persevere! They will be keen to tell you all about their adventures next week.

Everyone has had a good week back at school, I have been updated daily on what has been goingon. It will be lovley to have the whole school back together next week. We have our Commissioning Service on MOnday morning and Grandparents Day next Friday, it will be another exciting week. 

See you all next week, 


Friday 22nd September 2017

It’s a beautiful autumn morning today, cold, but with bright sunshine, I could see the sunrise over the fields, patched with mist as I drove in this morning, it was lovely, one of those morning where you want to stop and take a picture to help remember the view! It was a reminder that we are now well into the term and September is moving fast. We have had the whole school in full time this week, even a couple of days were there were no absences at all, and the Year R children have settling in brilliantly, it feels as if they have always been here. I even had the pleasure of teaching them on Tuesday morning and getting to know them all.

We have had our first school council meeting and updated the display board in the hall with the new pictures. Here are most of them: 

The children had their school photographs yesterday, they all looked very smart and the photographers took their time to ensure that the children were relaxed and looking their best, we hope that you are pleased with them, I think you will be!

Next week Year 6 is on a big adventure to Bude for their residential trip. It’s going to be an amazing week and such a wonderful start to their final year at St Edmund’s. We know it will be a week of learning new skills, facing exciting challenges, teamwork and cooperation: a week they will remember for the rest of their lives! I can’t wait to spend it with them and we are hoping for week of warm sunshine too!

We had our annual Deanery Mass yesterday after school, it is always a lovely opportunity to come together as a group of schools to welcome new staff, catch up with colleagues and start the new school year together in prayer. We were talking afterwards about other ways in which we can support and work more closely with one another.

Year 5 kicked off our class celebration assemblies this morning with a very special assembly looking at gifts and talents. They really are very talented; we had dance, singing, music, acting and the important message of sharing our God given gifts and talents. It was very inspiring and they have certainly let their lights shine bright this morning! Well done Year 5.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the autumn sunshine,





Friday 15th September 2017

We have welcomed our youngest children to school this week. The 30 Reception children have settled in so quickly. They are looking very grown up, confident and proud of themselves. They have been very happy coming into school and we have loved seeing them all and getting to know them. Here they are on Monday morning when they all managed to squeeze into my office! 

We have started some of our exciting clubs this week KS 2 have had a taster session for a new Judo club starting next week. Many of our other clubs will be starting next week.

This week as I have visited all the classes I have seen year R exploring the bikes, the new mud kitchen area, the role play area, where the children were planning a visit to a Disneyland Paris! They are enjoying using the interactive whiteboard even reading and counting the objects really accurately. Year 1 were starting their RE topic thinking about how much we have grown since we were babies! In Year 2 the children have been using their place value skills to compare numbers that are greater and less than and they have been really challenging themselves. The Year 3 class has been out and about in the playground using their senses to describe the school environment, they had thought very carefully about their descriptive vocabulary. Year 4, 5 and 6 have embraced Roald Dahl this week, (it was Roald Dahl Day on Wednesday 13th) and have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, designing book covers and even writing Roald Dahl's biography. It’s fantastic to see the children all working so hard and enjoying their lessons. 

Year 6 have led the special House Captain assembly this morning. Those who want to stand for House Captain prepared short speeches. They were very funny and engaging and everyone was very impressed by the standard. The children are certainly rising to the challenges of Year 6 with great enthusiasm; well done to you all. The rest of the school are now using their voice and voting for their House Captains. Here are Year 6 after the speeches: 

It feels as if we have been back at school for quite a while now and everyone is settling into the routine of school life and enjoying learning. 

Have a lovely weekend,




Friday 8th September 2017

Welcome to a new school year! After the long summer holiday, that seemed to rush by, we are back. We started the week with two INSET days where we made valuable preparations for the year ahead. We were all ready for the children returning on Wednesday, as whilst peaceful, the school is just a building without its pupils!

It has been lovely to see the children coming into school smiling and delighted to catch up with their friends and teachers. They are all looking very healthy, well rested and smart in their new uniforms and shiny shoes. The children seem very happy to be back and they are looking forward to learning and making the most of every day.

Here are some of our Year 1 children with their summer holiday pictures: 


It's been a busy and exciting week with lots of new faces joining our school family. We welcome our new teachers; Miss Bennett Year 1, Mrs Scott Yr 2, Mrs Every and Ms Robson Yr 3 and our new Home School Link Worker, Mrs Tod. We have nine new children too; Charlotte, Megan and Freya in Year 1; Riley in Year 2; Bethan, Felix and Tom on Year 3; Izzie in a Year 4 and Kaden in Year 6. Our new Reception class will start in Monday; we can't wait for them to join us! I'm sure you will make them feel welcome.

During our assemblies this week we have talked about new beginnings and how we can make the most of the new start that we have this school year. We have thought about how much we change and grow all the time, even though we don’t see these changes. We have introduced the new children who have joined us this week and we’re looking forward to the reception class taking their place at the front of the hall next week.

Here are KS 2 waiting for assembly this morning: 

You will have a chance to ‘Meet the teachers’ on Monday after school. I look forward to seeing everyone next week.


Have a lovely weekend,