St Edmund’s has a vibrant and active Primary School Association (PSA) which supports the school by organising social and fundraising events.  Over the years the PSA has supported the IT suite equipment, class cameras, refurbishment of the Reception Class outside area and classroom.  In addition we have funded part of the hall extension and refurbishment and has raised funds to ensure every class has an interactive whiteboard and Learn Pads.

The PSA holds events throughout the school year; these include film shows, discos, cake and ice cream sales as well as the Christmas and Summer Fairs.  The PSA also runs the 100 Club draw.  This is a fund which helps raise money for families which cannot afford to pay for school trips, and gives out a prize of £100 / £50 each term to ticket holders.

We are always looking for new volunteers to come to the committee or even just to offer help at the events.  Anyone with ideas, useful skills etc. is always most welcome.  If you are interested in joining the committee then please let the Chair know.

On this page you will find the PSA meeting minutes as well as other useful information.  The PSA also has a Facebook page which keeps you up to date with all events and PSA news.  Please click on the below link to ‘like’ our page


  1. House T Shirts
  2. PSA AGM information and nomination form 2017
  3. PSA Minutes 20170915
  4. PSA Minutes 20171103
  5. PSA Minutes 20171012
  6. PSA Treasurer Report 2016-2017
  7. PSA Year End Accounts 20170831
  8. PSA Minutes 20180316
  9. PSA Minutes 20180427
  10. GDPR and Classlist
  11. PSA Minutes AGM 20180713
  12. PSA Code of Conduct February 2018
  13. PSA Privacy Statement
  14. Be a £50 Fund matcher
  15. TREASURER'S REPORT at October 2018
  16. St Edmunds PSA 2017-2018 Accounts 20181008
  17. PSA EGM Meeting Minutes 20181012
  18. Add Some Magic To Your School
  19. PSA Masquerade Disco