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Friday 20th November 2020

Happy St Edmund's Day!

We have made it to the end of another slightly crazy week at school. Thank you all for your support and patience on Monday. Thankfully, being able to open on Tuesday meant that the children only had one day of home learning! They have been rather excited to have packed lunches this week, it’s a bit of a novelty for some!

Year 2 were especially delighted to be back on Tuesday, as they were able to go ahead with their Tudor Day. Those that wanted to, dressed up in Tudor Costume and the children all enjoyed baking Tudor gingerbread, dancing and being royal portrait artists! They had a wonderful day.

The children have been working on their Anti-Bullying posters and lessons in class. The children have explored different scenarios, talked about how they would offer help and advice to others and particularly, how we can be united against bullying. I’m going to put up their posters around the school to share this important message.

We had our final session at Huckleberries Nurture Farm yesterday. The children have loved these sessions and they have learned how to look after the animals and their own mental health and wellbeing too. Yesterday, they lit fires, explored the woodlands, fed the animals and made memory mobiles, where they gathered natural objects from around the farm to hang on special mobiles to remind them of everything they have done and learnt. We are very fortunate that we have these opportunities and we were delighted to hear that we will be able to return in February with another group of children.

Today we celebrate the Feast of St Edmund. We have had our St Edmund’s Day liturgies this morning and have talked about what we know of the short life of St Edmund, so long ago. As the patron saint of pandemics, we hope that he continues to keep us all safe and well. This afternoon, as we can’t have a whole school treat, each class has decided how they would like to spend their time together. There are films, art and PE activities and a treasure hunt!

Thank you to the Pego family who made our feast day extra with delicious cakes and a beautiful balloon arch in our school colours! The children loved it!


Have a good weekend,