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Friday 5th March 2021

End of home learning...

We are really looking forward to having everyone back at school on Monday. It is such a long time since we were all at school together. Although we can't return to all the old routines and activities yet, it's a big step in the right direction. 

We have heard from many of the children at home this week and know how excited they are to be back with their friends. We are very aware of how much they have missed out on over the past year and want to take things slowly when we are back, giving everyone plenty of time to talk about how they are feeling, spend time with their friends and get used to the new routines. I know that there are probably some who are anxious about returning, they have enjoyed being at home and may have different worries about coming back. We are here to support everyone, do give us a call if we can help with anything. 

The children enjoyed World Book Day yesterday, we have had some children who were keen to dress up at home and in school, they looked great! The children had fun with a variety of book related activities, stories and quizzes. We will have a whole school dressing up day very soon when everyone is back together. 

We have got the birdbox webcam up and running this week. There are still a few technical issues which we hope we can got fixed in the next few days. I have been watching the little blue tit, flying in and out and building her nest. Do keep checking in to see the nest progress!

Have a lovely weekend and I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday.