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Friday 11th March 2022

Giving during Lent and International Women's Day

During our assembly this week we thought the first week of Lent and heard about Jesus being tempted in the desert and what this would have been like for him. We also talked about the war in the Ukraine and watched a short clip showing the story of two girls making the journey through Poland to Germany. The film really focused on the positive attitude of the girls and all those who have been helping the refugees in amazing ways.

Thank you all for the generous donations which will go to help some of the refugees. I know that many of the children have been pleased to be able to do something small which they hope will help someone in need.

Tuesday was International Women’s Day and Year 3 and I saw a great interactive lesson and discussion which encouraged the children to think about girls and women and treated in some parts of the world. Here they are:

Our Year 4 children have taken part in the Bikeability scheme learning how to maintain their bikes, stop and start safely and developing their control and skills. It was a bit chilly but at least the sun shone.

Our talk for parents on the ‘Zones of Regulation’ was well attended, yesterday morning. You can find the

We have gone without our morning snacks today to support CAFOD’s Lenten fast day, being a little hungry helps us to realise what it must be like for those who do not have enough to eat. By going without something, we have a better appreciation for what we do have, which at this time, is especially important.

Have a lovely weekend,