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Friday 4th November 2022

Welcome back to school!

I hope that everyone enjoyed a lovely half-term break. Now the clocks have gone back, and the temperature has dropped it feels more like winter is on the way.

We have got the half-term off to a great start this week. During assembly on Monday we talked about the month of November, starting will All Hallows Eve or Halloween, as we now know it. The children were really interested to hear about some ancient customs and traditions, which evolved into the celebrations they enjoy today. Carved mangle-wurzles and turnips were replaced by pumpkins. Knocking on doors asking for soul cakes in exchange for prayers for Holy Souls; and guising or mumming has become trick or treating. Many of these customs are linked to the feasts of All Saints and All Souls. On Tuesday morning, during a heavy rain shower, Years 4, 5 and 6 walked to St Edmund’s Church in Croft Road. We were a little damp on our arrival, but the sun came out as we walked back up the ninety odd steps! It was lovely to see the statues and stained-glass windows in church as Fr Jonathan told us all more about the saints illustrated there. Next time you are there, see how many saints you can spot! Here are the Halloween treats Josefine prepared for the children's lunch:

We had an exciting day of skipping on Tuesday, with workshops for each class led by Jamie from Skipping Workshops UK. The children were amazing, and we have so many talented skippers at school, especially a group of Year 6 boys. I was so impressed by the resilience and determination shown by the children as they kept on trying until they had got it! We finished the day with a whole school assembly and demonstrations by children across the school of their new skills.


After all the rain this week, the sun is shining this morning. We started the day with a rather chilly our cross country run and hymn practise. The children are now outside skipping in the sunshine!

Have a lovely bonfire weekend,