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Friday 16th December 2022

Wintery weather and Christmas preparations

It’s the last Friday before the Christmas holidays. What a cold week we have had, it has been beautifully wintery; the frost and sprinkling of snow we had on Monday morning has lasted all week in the shade. It was -7.5 this morning for our cross country run! You can see our brave and dedicated band of runners above! There were lots of frozen fingers and toes this morning, but a quick march back to school warmed them up! They have been amazing at turning up very single week. We are very proud of you all. 

I do love this weather, it feels like it should be cold in December, although I think it is set to change before Christmas itself.  

We have had a great week in school. The children haven’t complained about the cold and have been keeping very busy with their Christmas preparations.

The KS 1 Nativity, ‘It’s a Baby!’ was a great success. The children were wonderful, they really enjoyed the songs, actions and dances and were smiling and whole way through. It is not easy putting on a performance with ninety children aged between 4-7 year olds, the teachers did an amazing job, well done!

This morning, KS 2 have shared their Carol Concert with the whole school, their singing is lovely, and I’m sure that parents will enjoy hearing the children perform on Monday.

It is Christmas lunch and jumper day today and everyone is very excited. The Christmas jumpers have had another outing today and the children look very colourful and cosy! Thank you for your donations to The Meath, I know they will be very grateful to you all.

Our wonderful cook, Josefine, has been working very hard to make sure that the children have an amazing lunch! I think she may have had some help from the mischievous elf!

We have our last three days of school before Christmas next week and whilst we are looking forward to the holidays we have lots of important thing still to come. I’m really looking forward to the Carol Concert on Monday, I know that it will be worth waiting for! The children are busy with their final rehearsal now. Our Christmas parties are on Tuesday afternoon where we hope a special visitor will find time in his busy schedule to pop in to see the children, and finally the all-important Golden Assembly and Carols round the tree will be on Wednesday. I hope you can join us for the carols at 1.15pm on Wednesday.

I’m sure that everyone has a very busy final weekend ahead, I hope that you enjoy it whatever you are doing,