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Wednesday 21st December 2022

Merry Christmas everyone!

We have made it to the start the Christmas holidays! Although it is late for us to break up, the children have had a wonderful Christmassy week. They have taken part in the Carol Concert and enjoyed Christmas parties, yesterday afternoon, with a very special guest!

Monday saw the builder's compound arrive, with containers flying across the playground by crane, much to the children's excitement! We are nearly ready to get started on the big building project. The staff have worked so hard to pack up boxes and prepare the spaces. It seemed like such a huge task, but with everyone working together, we have almost done it! We have lots of challenges and excitement to look forward to in 2023.

This afternoon, we will have our special Carols Around the Tree by candlelight. One of the favourite Advent activities at school is watching the Nativity figures draw closer to the manger, as we journey through Advent.  The children love finding the figures and moving them. This afternoon, they will reach the stable and baby Jesus will be placed in the manger as we light the final candle on out Advent wreath. As we finish school for Christmas, we will listen to the story of Jesus' birth, and it starts to really feel like Christmas! 

On behalf of everyone at St Edmund's, we wish you all a very safe, happy Christmas.