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Friday 10th February 2023

Half-term holiday and half way through the school year!

As we reach the February half-term, we also mark the halfway point in the school year. The time seems to have passed so quickly, yet when we think back to the start of the autumn term, we can see how much the children have grown and changed. The school building is also changing rapidly, and we can see how much has already been achieved! By the start of the next school year, it will be finished. We still have so much to do this year and so much to look forward to.

Our Year 6 children have braved the cold this week during their Bikeability training. They have been out and about, learning to ride safely on the roads. Their behaviour and attitude has been complimented by the instructors who have been really impressed by each and every one of the children! Well done Year 6.

The children have enjoyed finding out about Children’s Mental Health Week and the importance of sharing how we feel. They have thought about how we connect with others. By putting Lego bricks together, we could see, just in one morning how many people we connect with. These connections are a really important part of who we are, and good connections help us all to keep our minds healthy. We can really make a difference to others through the way we interact. How tall is your Lego tower today?

Tuesday was Safer Internet Day and the children have been continuing their important learning about online safety. Do talk to the children about what they do online, which apps they use, who they talk to and how they interact with others. The children are always one step ahead of the adults, so these conversations are really important.

Our Golden assembly this morning allowed us time to reflect on what we have all achieved this term and how much the children have learnt. They always enjoy Golden Assembly and celebrating our school family successes. Thank you to all the children and teachers for their wonderful work this term.

We have our first Science Fair this afternoon, and we are all looking forward to seeing the children's posters and presentations. It all looks very exciting. Please come and look at the children's entries after school today. We will announce the winners after the holiday. 

Have a lovely half-term holiday,