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Friday 28th April 2023

Waiting for spring and Sayers Croft

It’s been another busy week at school and the time seems to be passing by very quickly. It’s the end of April already! We are all waiting for the weather to warm up, it has been cold and wet again this week; I think we will all appreciate the sunshine when it finally arrives.

The Year 4 children headed off to Sayers Croft on Wednesday morning, for their first residential visit. As you can imagine, they were very excited. Although the weather hasn't been great, they have managed to do most of the planned activities. The children have challenged themselves with a variety of adventurous activities, low ropes course, a blindfolded walk, and most exciting of all the very wet stream walk! They will be back about 2pm this afternoon, tired but full of their adventures. We are looking forward to hearing all about their trip.

The building work is progressing well, the new doors are in place and the spaces are coming together quickly now. Everyone is very excited to see the progress being made. 

Next week we will start our Talent Show auditions, and we will celebrate the Coronation next Friday with a mufti day and picnic lunch.

I hope everyone enjoys the first of our Bank Holiday weekends,