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Friday 29th September 2023

Grandparents afternoon

It is the last Friday of September and another beautiful day. This week has flown by. As we all settle into the routine of school days, the time seems to pass very quickly. When I was in Year R earlier this week, at about three o’clock, one of the children asked when it was time to go home, when told it was almost home time, he really couldn’t believe how quickly the day had gone!

We started the week with some great speeches from our Year 6 children going for the role of House Captain. The whole school gets to vote for their House Captains, so as you can imagine, there were some very persuasive speeches. Well done to our Year 6 children. We will let everyone know the results very soon. 

This week is ‘Little Way’ week, where the children have learnt about St Therese of Lisieux, sometimes known as the ‘little flower’. She is always a great inspiration to the children, as she wasn’t perfect but wanted to do little things with great kindness, something we can all aim to do in our own way. Inspired by her good deeds, we have all tried to do little things to help one another, at home and at school. As Therese said, ‘What matters is not great deeds, but great love’. Do ask the children to tell you all about her.

There is great excitement around school today as we get ready for our Grandparents' Celebration this afternoon. The children have been rehearsing a short poem or song to perform this afternoon. It is always a really popular afternoon and I know that many grandparents have made a special journey to be with us today. We hope that all the visitors enjoy the afternoon. You can see Year 5 above and Year 6 below rehearsing!

Have a lovely weekend,