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Friday 5th April 2019

Passion Play, Rise Theatre and Easter Egg Hunt...

What a busy final week of term it has been!

We had a visit from the Trinity Trust Team on Monday. They performed the story of The Selfish Giant and involved the children who attend the Wowza Club each Friday after school. The story was very moving and the children were really captivated; seeing them make the connection with the Easter story was really amazing to watch.

On Tuesday we continued our creative week with a whole day with the Rise Theatre Company. Every child was involved in drama or art workshops and the final whole school production of the Parable of the Mustard Seed. The children and teachers really enjoyed the day and we were all inspired by the story. We can all be gardeners, warriors, explorers and creators and from something as small as a tiny seed we can become truly great.

We were all treated to Year 6’s amazing Passion Play on Wednesday morning. It was perfect, the children had put so much thought into the characters that they played and approached each role with wonderful maturity and empathy. The singing was beautiful and I was especially impressed to hear the boys singing so well, it was a great team performance. Thank you so much to Mrs Hua, Miss Faul and the whole Year 6 team for putting the play together, it is a very special part of our Easter preparations here at St Edmund’s and something the whole school community looks forward to each year.

The Easter Egg hunt went by in a flash on Wednesday afternoon, it was a lovely treat, thank you to the parents who organised this treat for the children.

Yesterday morning we had our end of term Lenten Mass celebrated for us by Fr David. Although Easter is still two weeks away, we finish today for the holidays. Having Mass this at the end of term has helped us to think about our Lenten promises and prepare ourselves for Easter.

This morning we had our end of term Golden Assembly there were so many fantastic awards to celebrate: from Netball to Bikeability! We had some very special Headteachers awards and St John’s House win the Housepoints Cup this half term.

Our little blue tit has been so busy preparing her nest; I think we will see her laying her eggs very soon. Although we have had a few issues with the live streaming I hope that you will be able to see her here:

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.