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Friday 6th September 2019

Back to school!

Welcome to a new school year. I hope that everyone had a lovely break over the summer; the children have been telling me all about their exciting adventures and holidays. There have been some improvement around the school over the summer; a new trim trail in KS 1 playground, new doors in Years 5 and 6 and the SEN room and the school hall has been completely redecorated and still smells of fresh paint! The children are always very observant and spot all the changes very quickly.

It has been wonderful to see everyone returning to school this week, the children are all looking very grown up and smart in their uniforms. They are full of excitement for their new classes, all that they are going to learn and they are really looking forward to the new school year. It is always such an exciting time of year; a time to celebrate new beginnings and look to the future full of hope, promise and possibilities. We welcomed Esther in Year 3 and Sophie to Year 4. Our new Reception class will start school on Monday, we can’t wait to have them with us and get to know them all. We have also welcomed new member of staff; Mrs Sherwin who will be TA in Year 1 on Thursday and Friday, Mrs Smith our Schools Direct student who will be based in year 2 and Miss Simmons who will be teaching Year 3 on Fridays and Year 4 on Mondays. I’m sure you will make them all feel very welcome.

During our first assemblies we have thought about the new school year and what we all need to have a happy and successful year together. We talked about the qualities that we need and how encouragement and determination will help us to do our best. I think we are all ready to get started on this year’s journey. We are all looking forward to the exciting year ahead.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,