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Friday 17th January 2020

A wet and windy week

What a wet, windy week we have had, the children have spent more time in the classrooms than usual due to the rain. We hope that this weekend will bring some winter sunshine instead!

During our assembly on Monday we thought about the Baptism of Jesus and imagined that we were there at the River Jordan as Jesus was baptised by his cousin John. We used a painting to look at the story again and talked about what we thought the pictures told us about Jesus, John the Baptist and the angels.

We thought about different versions and retellings of the same story and the differences and similarities we could see. We talked about Baptism being a new start and we how we can make a new start each day.

On Wednesday morning Mrs Shorten led a Growth Mind-set assembly with the whole school. The children thought about how they could be more resilient on their learning journeys. This is something that does help the children to overcome challenges in their learning and believe that they really can do anything they put their minds to!

Wednesday afternoon saw a team of talented athletes from Years 5 and 6 take part in an Indoor Athletics Tournament at Broadwater School. The competition was very close and the children came second overall. The children have been training really hard each week and they have improved their skills and techniques whilst having fun! Year 3 and 4 will have their competition next week- good luck.

Have a lovely weekend,