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Friday 3rd April 2020

A very quiet week at school

We have reached the end of the spring term but not as we normally do. Looking through my diary this week I can't help feeling sad about all the things we have missed, we should have had our Lenten Mass, Year 6's Passion Play, Golden Assembly and the Talent Show this week. I know that some we can do another time and they are not really that important. Instead I have had a couple of children only in school and we've been very busy setting up Seesaw. While it took a long time to set up, it's been worth every minute to see all the pictures and messages coming through. We really do miss the children very much. 

I know the holiday is not really going to be any different to the last two weeks, but try to enjoy time with your families and I think we'll have a really sunny day this Sunday!

I'm going to be spending lots of time watching kittens, they are a great distraction! 

Keep in touch.