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Friday 1st May 2020

Rain and rainbows...

We have all been getting used to our new way of working and learning. School is still strangely quiet, but we have been excited to have six children in a few times this week, it felt busy and scarily quite crowded! We are starting to think about how we will re-opening the school whilst maintaining social distancing, it will certainly be a big challenge with such a small school site, but at least a step in the right direction. We will of course let everyone know as soon as there are any definite dates and plans for re-opening.

Although it has been rather cool and wet this week we have all been very busy. There have been amazing learning activities on Seesaw and in school we have created a huge rainbow, now displayed in Year 2 classroom window, you may even be able to see it if you are walking past the school.

The children have been cooking, making clay models, constructing Lego amongst other things! I have painted a mural to brighten up the medical room, I hope the children like it!

Look after each other and keep in touch,