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Friday 3rd July 2020

Sunshine and showers and planning ahead...

It's the end of another week! We only have two more weeks with our Year 6 children before they leave us for the summer holidays and their news schools. The time has gone so quickly! Although we can't have the usual end of year events we are trying to make their last few days special and memorable. You will have seen our plans to get all of the children back for a session or two over the last two days of term. We know that it is only for a short time, but we can't wait to see everyone again and it will give them a chance to see some of their classmates and their teachers adn also to see meet their new teachers and see their new classrooms. We are very excited about having them back. We will also get to meet our new Year R children for the first time too! 

We managed to hold a socially distanced induction session for Year 6 with Kevin, the chaplain from St Peters. The children were able to ask questions and find out more about life at secondary school.

Following the children's fundraising efforts for the Summer of Hope, we have been featured on CAFOD's blog page! The children have raised over £350 so far, and they have a few more activities planned! You can see the link here:

In their art lessons, the children have been working very hard, individually they have created a colourful portion of a picture which when assembled, came together beautifully! Here are Year 6's portrait and Year R's Elmer the elephant, above! 

You may have heard that the latest school's guidance for September was released yesterday. I will give you much more detail before we return but things will remain similar to how we are running the school at the moment. We will have staggered drop off, pick up, lunch and break times. Finally, we will be able to have 30 children back in each class but we will have to keep each class group separate from the others. In the classrooms, tables will be separated to allow as much space as possible, this is not easy in a small school! I'm going to be very busy juggling timetables for the next few weeks! 

We have also continued with our visits to Huckleberries Nurture Farm. This week the children talked about their emotions and created models of them out of clay. In the afternoon we draw the bunnies, trying to capture their characters. The children really love the animals and it has been great to see them relaxing and handling the animals with increased confidence. 

Have a lovely weekend,