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Thursday 1st October 2020

Butser Ancient Farm, St Therese and little Way Week

Thursday 2nd October 2020

As tomorrow is an INSET day, I’m writing on Thursday this week! Although it has been a shorter week, we have fitted a lot in!

During our assemblies on Monday we talked Little Way Week and St Therese of Lisieux. Every year we spend time during this week thinking of others and trying to follow St Therese’s little way. The children have enjoyed finding out about her life and why she became a saint. Inspired by her good deeds, we have all tried to do little things to help one another, at home and at school. As Therese said, ‘What matters is not great deeds, but great love’ 

The children in Year 3 had an exciting day out on Wednesday travelling back in time to the Stone Age at Butser Ancient Farm. They learnt so much about stone age life and developed some new skills too, making daub to build walls, an archaeological dig, identifying bones and carving in chalk to make pictures. The children were brilliantly behaved and loved every minute of the day. I think after the year we have had, we all appreciate being able to go out for the day!

We have just had a school council meeting and the children gave feedback from each class on how the return to school has gone so far. What has worked well and what we can improve. They had great ideas, some very creative ones; we are already making some changes based upon their feedback.

We would normally have celebrated Grandparents Day this week with a packed school hall, visitors coming from across the country to join us for the afternoon’s entertainment led by the children and delicious, shared refreshments.  Sadly this is not possible this year but the children have all created something to give or send to their grandparents instead. We hope that all of the grandparents enjoy this instead this year.

Have a lovely long weekend,