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An A to Z to common terms we use in school.

Please let us know of any more information you would like us to provide.

If your child is away from school due to ill health please ring the school on the first day of absence as near 9.00am as possible.

If you want to take your child out of school for any reason, a form (obtainable from the office) must be completed at least one month in advance of the proposed absence.

The Headteacher is only able to authorise absence for exceptional and compassionate circumstances. It is not possible to authorise absence for reasons such as holidays, attending the theatre, going shopping, having long weekends, going to theme parks or for birthday treats. These absences are ’unauthorised’, following guidance from Surrey County Council.

For pupils in Year 6 it is not possible to authorise absence during the main National Curriculum assessment period in May.

If a holiday request is refused and the child does not attend school regardless of this, the absence is noted as unauthorised and the Surrey County Council’s Educational Welfare Officermay follow this up. In addition, the school reserves the right to issue a Penalty Notice.

If you are in any doubt before arranging/booking holidays, please speak to the Headteacher.

The office has copies of policies and guidelines about attendance/absence – please feel free to pop in and have a look.

Academic Year
This runs from September through to the following August.
The academic year is sub-divided into 3 terms:

Term 1 Autumn Term (Sept – Dec)
Term 2 Spring Term (January – March)
Term 3 Summer Term (April – August)

Please inform the school if your child develops an allergy. A medical form should have been completed when your child/children started school, but situations do change.

You will be asked to fill in a form to give the school permission to administer medication.

Please try to arrange medical appointments outside of the school day. If you do need to take your child out of school during the day for an appointment, you must collect and return them via the office so that they can be signed out and back in upon their return later.

Bikes and Scooters
The school has bicycle and scooter storage facilities in the staff car park. Bicycles can be left on the school site during the day as long as they are locked. Parents should note that the school accepts no responsibility for bikes or scooters. Please check with your own insurance company that they are in agreement with this.

We celebrate children’s birthdays in school. In Key Stage 1 this is done in assembly and celebrated in classrooms in Key Stage 2. Children may bring in a treat for each child in their class (chocolate or sweets are acceptable, but please avoid nuts) but they should not feel under pressure to do so. 

Book bags
Book bags are purchased from Ballet Hoo. They should be clearly named and children like to attach a distinctive key ring or ribbon to the handle to make them easily recognisable.

Book bags should come to school daily and are used for books and communication from the school and PSA. They may also bring their break-time snacks in these bags. Please do not put drinks in them as the bottles can sometimes leak.

Bottled water
Please provide your child with a bottle of water everyday in a non leak clean bottle! Children have access to their water all day to aid healthy learning. There are fountains in school for them to refill their bottles during the day.

We like to celebrate the achievements made by children in out of school activities. Children are able to bring in certificates achieved in swimming, gymnastics, football, etc., to show the rest of the school. These should be brought to school for Golden Assemblies.

The school has close links with our parish in Godalming. We visit St Edmund’s Catholic Church, Godalming for class Masses. We also celebrate Sunday Mass once a term with the parish at St Joseph’s, Milford.

Class Assemblies
These usually take place twice a year for each class. The children put on a fifteen to twenty minute performance showing off some of their learning in school. Parents are invited and the assembly starts shortly after 9:05am.

We are a uniformed school and a full list of uniform can be obtained on this website or from the office.

Please ensure that all clothing is clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Please make sure your child has a coat with them at all times (except in the summer!) as at playtime and lunchtime we like to get the children out in the playground even if there is slight drizzle. During colder spells, hats and gloves are great (mittens are easier to put on in Key Stage 1).

A very good value waterproof, washable coat can be purchased through Ballet Hoo and this is available in children and adult sizes.

Collective Worship
Collective Worship (assembly) is held each morning either whole school, Key Stages or in class.

We are part of the Godalming confederation of schools, now called the GLP: Godalming Learning Partnership and we work together on various projects to benefit all the children of Godalming. More details can be found at

Contact Numbers
Please ensure that you keep us informed of your most up to date telephone numbers – mobiles, work, emergency contacts.

Most dates for the year are given out at the beginning of the academic year with reminders given in newsletters. INSET days, of which there are usually 5, are also usually included in the list.

Should the school have to be closed during the school day for an emergency such as a fire or gas leak, the children will be taken to Busbridge Junior School to be collected there. Parents will be contacted via ParentMail should this occur.

Dogs should not be brought onto any part of the school premises.

Children should enter the school through the playground gate in the morning. Children should enter and leave during school time via the school office. The playground gate is bolted at 8.55am every morning as a security measure and all visitors or children who are late should check in at the office.

The only time that a child should have their ears pierced is the start of the summer holiday. This is because all earrings must be removed for all PE activities and, as staff are unable to assist with this, you must make sure your child can do this by themselves. If you have your child’s ears pierced at any other time, they will not be able to take part in PE lessons until they can remove the earrings. 

E mail
Our email address is:

Our fax number is 01483 414497

Regular fire drill practices are held in school. The fire assembly point for children is on the Key Stage 2 playground facing the key stage 1 classrooms.

First Aid
We follow strict guidelines when dealing with all matters relating to the health and safety of children. We are unable to apply creams/sprays if your child falls and hurts themselves; we just clean the injured area and dry it. If necessary, we apply a plaster, so it is very important that you inform us if your child has an allergy to plasters.

With bumps to the head, if it seems minor, we apply a small ice pack. We then send a ‘bump note’ home to inform parents that a minor bump has occurred.

If we are concerned at anytime by an injury we will contact parents/guardians straight away.

Children are allowed to bring a small piece of fruit or vegetable into school for mid-morning break. This should be in a suitable named container if necessary.

For children in Key Stage 1, we participate in a ‘free’ fruit scheme which provides all children with a variety of fruit or vegetables during the week (mainly bananas, apples, pears, satsumas & carrots). These are eaten during the afternoon.

The school is managed by the Headteacher and the Governing Body. Parents are represented by a number of parent governors. The names of the governors and their responsibilities can be found on this website or in the prospectus. As this school is a church school, 10% of all capital expenditure must be raised by the governors. This is why we ask parents to contribute £20 per family per term to the Governors Fund.

Going Home Arrangements
For children younger than year 3, if your child is being picked up by/going home with someone other than yourself – please notify the school office or their class teacher. We are unable to let children go home with anyone else. Please only phone the school office at short notice to change arrangements in an emergency.

If you are unexpectedly held up and are going to be late collecting your child, please let the school know so supervision for your child can be arranged.

Long hair is to be tied back at all times in school. Please ensure that all hair accessories are suitable for school (nothing too large, bright or distracting!). This is for a number of reasons: for safety in PE, to reduce the chance of nits travelling from one child to another (see nits) and to keep children tidy!

Letters are introduced in a print form so that letters are clearly recognisable to the children and link well to how the letters are introduced through our phonics scheme. The children are then taught to join them, usually in Year One.

Copies of the script are available from the school or on the Parents/Curriculum part of this website.

During the summer we encourage child to wear hats; these can be any kind of sun hat. This is for their safety as we all know how hot the sun can be.

Helping in School
We welcome help and support from parents, grandparents and other friends of the school. Adults are encouraged to share their talents with us and should let the office know if they are willing to help in school.

All helpers are asked to complete a DBS check – the office will provide you with all the information on this.

See absence.

Home time
The school day finishes at 3.20pm and punctual collection of children from the classroom (Key Stage 1) or playground (Key Stage 2) is appreciated. Children in Reception are collected at 3:15pm from their outdoor area.

The school follows national guidelines on homework activities which may well include reading and sharing the school reading and library book. Other activities may include learning spellings, maths activities or games or topic based investigations. In Key Stage 2 the children will have a homework timetable.

Home-School Agreement
The government have instructed all Local Authority schools to set up a ‘Home School Agreement’ with parents. These are issued as your child commences school.

Home-School Link Worker (HSLW)
Mrs Geraldine Tod fulfils this role at St Edmund’s. She works from Tuesday to Thursday and her role is to support parents in any way she can with particular regard to helping parents accessing support for their children. 

The school is closed for up to 5 days each year for in-service training (INSET). We often add these closures to the beginning or end of a holiday.

Children have supervised access to the internet. You will be asked to fill in a consent form regarding internet access and the storing of photographs in school systems. For more information about this please contact the office.

Children should not wear any jewellery to school. For more details see under Earrings and Watches.

Punctuality is expected. Being late for school can mean that children miss the vital first few minutes of the day when routines are established and disrupts the class. If your child is delayed for any reason, do please ring the school. Children are classified in the school’s records as being late if they are not in school by 9.05 am.

Children have a regular library session on the same day each week. They are able to select any book they like from the library. Books should be returned weekly.

Life Bus
The Life Bus is a visiting classroom which is part of our RSE programme (Relationships and Sex Education).If you would like further information about the Life Bus then you can look at their website which is: 

The children eat lunch in the school hall. They are supervised by lunch time supervisors.

Very good food is prepared and cooked on the premises by our catering team. There is at least one main dish a day with vegetables, salads and a choice of desserts. Children in Key Stage 2 have a choice of meal. Children are also given a drink – usually water.

Vegetarians can be catered for as well as children with other special dietary requirements. Please ask the office about this.

Children can bring a packed lunch and this should not contain sweets, fizzy drinks or nuts/nut products.

Should medicine need to be administered to your child during the day, please bring the medicine to the office and sign a form detailing the medicine and the times to be given. Usually we are only able to administer medicines prescribed by medical practitioners. The medicine needs to be collected by an adult at the end of the day, as we are not allowed to hand it over to the child.

Meet the Teacher
A chance for you to hear about what your child will be doing in school this year early in September each year. There are two identical sessions per class for those with more than one child here. Just go to the classroom of your choice after pick-up. If you cannot attend, important information will be sent to you.

Children should only bring money into school to buy stationery items at Pen Shop or a cake sale.

If money needs to be sent into school i.e. for school trips, charity events, etc., please put money in a sealed named envelope.

Money for trips and school uniform should be made payable to: St Edmund’s School Fund.

Dinner money cheques should be made payable to: Surrey County Council.

A mufti day is where the children can wear their own clothes to school. This is either accompanied by a request for money in the form of a charity donation or a donation to school funds, or the provision of something to sell or raffle for a PSA event. Children need to make sure their clothing is appropriate for the weather and their own safety.

As a school we feel we have excellent channels of communication with parents. A newsletter is sent by email each week, giving details of what is happening during the coming term/month and what has been happening.

A copy of the newsletter is also available on this website.

The PSA send out regular communications via ParentMail.

Nits are a common part of school life and are nothing to be ashamed of – no matter how clean the hair! If your child has nits, please treat them and the whole family. Let the school know in order that we can inform other parents.

There are a number of preparations available from chemists. Please contact the school office for further help!

There is a notice board as you come into school which displays information about the school, local church events and general events in Godalming.

Mrs Farrington, Mrs Nicholls adn Mrs Scibberas work in the office; please feel to contact them if you have any queries, questions or messages – they are very friendly and helpful! Please report to the office when you are visiting or helping in school, as visitors are requested to ‘sign in’ and ‘sign out’.

Ofsted is a government inspection of schools, carried out usually every 3 to 5 years. Our last inspection was October 2017. Ofsted reports can be obtained from the school office or website.

Open afternoon– Celebration of Work
At the end of the year, usually in July, parents are invited to come to school to be shown work by their children.

Open Morning
We hold an Open Morning in the Autumn term. This is an opportunity for prospective parents to see the school at work. Year 6 prefects help show these parents around. Tours can also be arranged at other times.

Parent Consultation Meetings
Parents have the opportunity to meet with teachers for formal meetings twice a year. Appointments are made for these meetings. Teachers are available at other times by mutual arrangement.

Parent Contributions
School trips and theme weeks greatly enhance the life of the school, but are only possible with the generous support of parents. We endeavour to prepare you with details of expected expenditure at the start of the school year.

Parental Opinions
We usually undertake an annual parents' survey with the results published in the spring term. Parents could also use Osted's ParentView website if they wished.

Party Invitations
Please be sensitive to the feelings of all children if invitations are distributed in school. School staff do not have time to distribute invitations or thank you letters.

Packed Lunches
Please do not send your child with fizzy drinks, glass bottles, nuts or sweets.

Primary School Association (PSA)
All parents and staff are automatically members of the PSA. An Annual General Meeting (AGM)  is held at the end of the academic year where the officers (Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) are elected. All parents are welcome at every meeting.

The PSA has two functions: to provide a social network for parents and to raise money to benefit the children at the school. It has its own website

Parents’ Forum
Two parents from each class represent the parent’s views at a half termly forum meeting with the Headteacher. More details can be found in the Parents pages.

For more individual or personal issues, please feel free to discuss any concerns with your child’s teacher or the Home School Link Worker (Mrs Tod) in the first instance

Parking is a huge problem with three schools so close to each other. Please park as considerately as possible, without blocking drives (or parking opposite them in a narrow road), parking within 10 metres of a junction or double parking. We work closely with local police to enforce this.

Pen Shop
On Monday and Friday lunchtimes the School Council runs a pen shop where items of stationery can be bought at cost price. Please send money in named purses only.

PE kit should be kept in school at all times in a named ‘drawstring’ bag. Children need a PE shirt, PE shorts and plimsolls or trainers that can be put on easily. Track suit tops and bottoms should be included and a pair of fresh socks. All items should be clearly named. Children in Year R do not need PE shoes until the summer term. 

During the academic year an individual photograph is taken of your child and a class photograph. Every two or three years we also take a whole school photograph.

Photographs of your children may be used on the school website or other publications.

Parents are reminded that any photographs taken of school events, must be for their own personal use only and should not be published on social media.

The children go out to play for 15 minutes each morning and for about half an hour at lunchtime. They should have suitable clothes for the weather. If it is too wet to go out, they will go to their classrooms where they have games to play.

The school has a large number of policies detailing all aspects of school life. Please ask the office if you wish to read any of them. Important policies are available on the website.

Prayer Books/Box
There is a prayer box in each classroom that can be used for children to put a prayer in. This can be named or anonymous and can be read in lessons or just used privately.

Pupil Premium
This is an amount of money schools receive in their budget allocation from the government to support children who are eligible for free school meals and those children whose parents serve in the armed forces. More details can be found under School Information.

This is a very effective programme which we run for those children who have suffered loss or separation in their lives. Please ask Mrs Tod for more details or if you would like your child to be considered for this programme.

Reading books come home in the book bag with a ‘reading diary’. This is for two way communication, the teachers will identify where your child has got up to and make any necessary comments and parents are free to make comments in the book once you have heard your child read.

Is it is important to hear your child ready every night.

There are bins for recycling paper in each classroom.

Written reports are produced twice a year. The main academic report is issued in the Summer term and a summary report is issued in the Spring term

Residential Trips.
In Year 4, children visit Sayers Croft for three days of fun and educational activities.  In Year 6, the children spend 5 days at St George's House, Georgeham, Devon. More details can be obtained from the office.

National Curriculum Tests (commonly called SATs) take place in Year 6 during four days in May – please see our policy regarding Absence . Year 2 children take their SATs during the month of May.

School Hours
The school day begins at 8.55am. They arrive between 8.40 and 8.55 and go t  School o their classrooms. The day ends at 3.20 p.m. ( 3.15pm in Yr R) If you know you are going to be late picking your child up from school, please inform the school so that arrangements can be made for their supervision i.e. if you are stuck in traffic or held up.

School Fund
This is a source of money that is used to administer the school uniform account and for incidental items for the education of the children e.g. cooking ingredients. Donations to this fund are always welcome.

This stands for Special Educational Needs. Any child who requires education provision additional to, or otherwise different from, that made generally for children of their class is regarded as having a special need. Mrs Cath Patrick is our SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator).

If a child has been sick or suffered from diarrhoea they should not return to school for at least 24 hours. If your child becomes sick whilst at school the school office will inform you or your chosen contact. See also Absence.

If there are light flurries of snow and assuming the school is open please ensure that your child has suitable footwear with them that day – if they do not they will not be able to go out to play, as they will come back in wet and be most uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Please also see Emergency Closures.

Children should not bring sweets or chocolate to school unless as part of a birthday celebration.

Leanring Support Assistants (LSA)
We have a number of LSAs who work hard to support the class teachers and the children. Please do not direct your concerns to them, but discuss them with class teachers.

The staff are available at the end of the afternoon to talk to parents informally. If you wish to see a teacher privately, please arrange a mutually convenient time with the teacher. Unless it is of utmost importance please do not take up the teacher’s time before school, as they are preparing for the morning sessions.

The school phone number is 01483 414497. Please let us know if your child is unwell. The office is usually open from 8.30am to 3:45pm, but an answerphone operates outside these hours.

Term Dates
The dates of terms are normally given to parents in the September newsletter. Parents can also find the dates on the school website or on the Xavier Trust website.

We discourage children from bringing their own toys into school. An exception would be where a child may, if their class teacher has agreed in advance, bring in a toy in to show in class. Trading cards or other such items which can cause a fuss, are not allowed in school. As each new trend appears, details of what is acceptable will be published in the school newsletter.

Trips are arranged to link with the curriculum. These trips follow the guidelines laid down by the Local Authority. Voluntary contributions will be requested from parents to cover the cost of admissions and coaches.

Umbrellas are not suitable for use at school.

School uniform can be purchased from Ballet Hoo in Godalming.

All visitors to the school, including parent helpers, are asked to sign in and out. This is for safety reasons.

Children can wear watches to school as long as they realise they are responsible for them. We prefer that they wear analogue ones to help them tell the time. Smart Watches are not allowed.