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Our School Houses

All children belong to a house, either St Matthew, St Mark, St Luke or St John. Siblings will be placed in the same house. During the year we have our Sports Day, sports competitions and quizzes in house teams. 

Children earn house points for excellent work, behaviour, attitude or being helpful. The house with the most points wins the cup and there are winners for each class awarded every half term during our Golden Assembly.

Children in Year 6 are voted in as House Captains by the children. Here they are after making their speeches in September. 

House Point Totals 2018-19
  Matthew Mark Luke John
Autumn 1 1556 1528 1347 1568
Autumn 2 1900 1701 1658 1868
Spring 1 1718 1552 1571 1796
Spring 2 1406 2170 1967 2340
Summer 1        
Summer 2        
Totals 6580 6951 6543 7572