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Religious Education

RE at St Edmund’s is taught through the Come and See programme.

Our lessons provide children with the opportunity to develop their religious beliefs and values. RE is the core subject which is central to the life of a Catholic school and it enables children to understand the relationship between faith and life through various engaging activities. This also includes work to be completed at home, which involves vital parental input. Teaching of RE at our school is not treated purely as a lesson as throughout the school, the children are provided with many opportunities to grasp and embed a deeper acknowledgement of our school community as part of the family of God. This enables us as a school to ensure that we create a happy atmosphere which is nurturing and caring in which children and all staff at our school show love and care for another. Teaching of RE is also taught discretely and developmentally through assemblies and our involvement with charitable projects that usually concern the welfare and well-being of other children. This develops good citizenship, making links with the parish and fosters an awareness of economic changes. and an understanding of our changing world.

RE lessons offer children an opportunity to develop good attitudes and dispositions which offer children a sense of self- worth through their experiences of belonging to a community. We endeavour to ensure that children then apply their learning and take their spiritual learning with them when they integrate into the wider community as young adults.

Alongside our RE programme, we incorporate relevant areas which are age appropriate from The Programme for Education in Personal Relationships which also includes our Sex Education Programme. This is also developed through our Come and See programme and Healthy Living curriculum and, eventually, at the top of the school, children learn about puberty and the changes that happen to them. This all takes place within the context of our Christian beliefs and living which is age-appropriate. We reinforce the teaching of RE through collective worship assemblies which are also child - led and through the weekly Ethos Statements.

These statements are very closely linked to the RE programme and  deepens their awareness of the demands of religious commitment in everyday life. As part of our celebration of children’s spiritual journey, Year 4 Catholic children are invited to join the parish preparation programme for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.