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Year 5

Sunday 26th April

Hope you have all had a good weekend? Here is week 2 timetable of home learning for after Easter. Most of the resources will now be uploaded to Seesaw. Hope you are all staying safe and well. Missing you.

Sunday 19th April

We have attached the timetable for this next week and other resources that may help. This is also posted on SeeSaw. Please pick work that suits your own timetable and home learning. We would love to hear from you. Take care and stay safe.

Friday 17th April

Hope you have all enjoyed your Easter break? We will be setting home learning again from Monday but will try to put it on SeeSaw this time. We will also put it on the website for the first week, just in case some of you are having trouble logging on to the new SeeSaw website. The work will cover a week at a time but please feel free to pick and choose as appropriate. We will also give other websites that you might want to look at and other links or ideas that you may find more helpful. Please remember to send us any work you want us to have a look at or any messages you want to share. Missing you all and hoping we return to school very soon.

Friday 3rd April

Morning Year 5. It is the last day of term and what a strange end is is! Thank you all for your messages and photos that you have either sent into the office or posted on SeeSaw. We will all now take a break for two weeks and enjoy the Easter period with our families. Please take care and stay safe. We will set new work after Easter once we have all had a rest. Missing you and hoping you are all well.

Thursday 2nd April

Afternoon all. It has really cheered me up seeing the new photos you have been putting on SeeSaw of yourselves or the work you have been completing. It is great to see all the different bits of home learning you have been doing. I hope you are all surviving having to stay at home? It seems a long time ago that we were at school in lessons?! I will write my last message tomorrow before the  Easter break. Take care.

Wednesday 1st April

Hello everyone. It has been really nice to see all the photos and things you have been doing and posting on SeeSaw. I can't post pictures of them all here but I have loved seeing all you have been doing and have tried to respond to them all. I will try again tomorrow and catch up with any that I have not seen today.

The Glasgow Science Centre have some fun Science activities that they are demonstrating each day. You could have a look at

Enjoy whatever you are finding to do and keep sending messages or photos of what you are doing. They do cheer me up. Take care everyone.

Tuesday 31st March

Afternoon. I realised today that I have been writing my daily messages at the bottom of this section rather than the top, so I will now try to remember to write them at the top. I have been looking at SeeSaw today and have already replied to some of your messages. Hope you all manage to have a look over the next few days.

Cassian sent some photos today of his home activities. I like his planets in the garden - he is sitting on the Sun! Image preview Hope you are all well? Mrs Shorten

Hello Year 5. While we are not at school it is important that you try to fit in some work. We think you should try to do a Maths and English activity each day, plus something else, like topic or RE or a fun activity. Keep up your daily reading and times tables. Top Marks have an app that is called Hit the Button, which is great for quick Maths games and fun times tables tasks.

Joe Wicks is also running a PE for kids session every morning (Mon - Fri) at 9AM on YouTube. Might be a fun way to keep fit and active.

We hope to be able to see all the work you produce at some point. We will update this page when we find new things for you. Take care and stay safe.

Thursday 26th March

Hope you are all keeping well and are managing to do some of the work below or in your new Year 5 Maths workbook?

I have been trying to draw the Van Gogh Starry Night painting today - using the tutorial link on the topic page below. I think I did quite well. You all know how good I am at drawing??? You can send me your versions via the office if you would like me to see them. Good luck! Best Wishes to you all. Mrs Shorten

Friday 27th March

Morning Year 5. Hope you are all keeping well? I have had some photos sent in to the office showing your fantastic home learning. Thank you to Tom, Matty and Thomas. I have added 2 more final topic ideas for home learning below. We will look at a new topic after Easter. Enjoy your weekend.

With very best wishes

Mrs Shorten

Image preview

Monday 30th March

Afternoon Year 5. I am including an Easter activity at the bottom of all the activities below. It is one of the Maths challenge tasks, where you have a list of suspects and have to find out who wrecked the Easter costume by solving all the Maths questions in order to gain clues. Good luck. I made the topic space rocket earlier and it managed to travel quite a distance. We even added a dog character to see if that could travel with the rocket and it worked. I will put a photo of it below. Thank you also to Matty for sending your Hatchet story. It is fantastic. I look forward to seeing others as you have a chance to write them.