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Hello everyone, it's Monday 4th May, today.

If we were at school now, we would have an assembly about Mary, Jesus' mother as we are now in the month of May when we think particularly about Mary. We would also be going to Ladywell Convent Chapel with our posies of flowers for our special May procession and picnic, something we sadly can't do this year. Have a look at the assembly below and see if you can work out what is happening in each picture showing part of Mary's life, and how Mary might have felt. Which picture or story do you like best? Why do you like it? Think about how even during the difficult times in her life she had great faith and said 'Yes' to God. If you have a rosary at home, you could hold it while you say the prayer, Hail Mary.

You might like to join our parish family for prayer or Mass. Have a look at the links Father Jonathan has set up so that your family can join:

We are also thinking about the 2nd World War this week and 75 years since Victory in Europe Day, the end of the war, on 8th May 1945. See what you can find out about life during World War 2, what was similar or different to how we are living today? Let me know what you find out.

We have also got new baby blue tits in the birdbox. Here they are: 


Have a lovely week, Mrs Higgins


Hello everyone!

It's now Monday 27th April and I hope everyone is well and I'm sure by now that you are all getting used to learning at home. We are so pleased with all the wonderful learning going on on Seesaw, keep it up! 

The kittens are all big now and into everything, they keep trying to escape through the back door into the garden or hide behind the cooker! Here they are now...

There have been lots of developments in the birdbox too, I think our lovely little blue tit has laid 10 eggs and she is busy sitting on them. I'm having technical trouble and can't get the camera to stream to the website. But here is a picture of the eggs. I will let you know when they start to hatch! 


I've got a kitten update for you. They are starting open their eyes, Disco, the black and white one has his eyes open, Betty's eyes are open a tiny bit and Ginger Love still has his eyes closed tight! Can you see which one is which? 


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I've been trying to get our birdbox camera to live stream to the website and I think (fingers crossed) it's now working! There has been some nest building over the weekend. I've just seen this blue tit paying a visit! Keep watching and hopefully we'll see more activity each day!

The nest is coming on well and looking very cosy! 

Have a look here:

The kittens are growing quickly, this morning, Friday, their eyes are just starting to open. I'll do another little video at the weekend, so that you can see how they are changing.

Here they are on Tuesday 24th March at 6 days old: 


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Here they are, 4 days old, on Sunday 22nd March: 


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Have a look at your Year Group pages to find resources for learning at home. You can send me a message through the comments box at the bottom of the page to let me know what you are doing and how you are. 

Mrs Higgins


Here are some other websites and resources that you might find useful:

Author, Kerry Gibb, visited us at school last year and she is writing a story about the current situation. Read more here:

A huge list of resources for home learning can be found here:

Activites to do indoors:

Keep Active with PE with Joe Wicks live every morning at 9am:

Wellbeing at home:

Staying Calm

Although the children have brought home the next few week's Wednesday word, you can read more about each Sunday's readings here:

  • Caroline 4 years ago
    How exciting! So lovely to see. Thank you for sharing.
  • Tess 4 years ago
    Your kittens are really cute. From Tess!

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