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Friday 14th October 2022

Feeling Good Week

Friday 14th October 2022

This week is Feeling Good Week. We started on Monday morning during our assembly with a whole school mindfulness/ dance. It was great to see everyone smiling and a lovely way to start the week.

On Monday, our Year 6 children travelled back in time to ‘Guildford Spike’. This ‘casual ward’ on the site of the old St Luke’s Hospital, gave shelter and work to tramps and vagrants right up until the early 1960s! The children learnt what life would have been like for the inmates, and the sort of punishment given to children in the Victorian era. It was quite shocking to hear that stealing gooseberries or a petticoat, could result in five years in reform school or even transportation to Van Dieman’s Land, Tasmanina! The children were fascinated by learning more about our local history.

This morning we are all ready for Year 5 class celebration assembly; our first of this school year! The children will share their gifts and talents with us. From, ballet to rugby and piano to violin, they are a talented bunch! Thank you year 5 for preparing a great first class assembly. Here they are, above!

Our Year 2 children were very excited to be going on a school trip on Wednesday. They went to Broadwater School to take part in the Year 2 multi skills sports afternoon. They enjoyed the sports and especially the coach trip!

I hope that the bookings for next week’s parent consultations have gone smoothly. Almost everyone has managed to make appointments. I hope the meetings are useful for everyone, at least we know that they will all run to time!

Have a lovely weekend,