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Friday 19th January 2024

Young Voices 24

It has been a bitterly cold winter's week here. It was a very chilly running club this morning! Well done to our hardy band of runners who turned up at 7.45am!

We started the week with our assembly on Monday morning, talking about Jesus calling his disciples to follow him and 'come and see'. We thought about whether Jesus would choose us to follow him and how we can live our lives each day showing kindness to others. Our piece of music this week is Hedwig's Theme. It was understandably very popular with the children! We learnt that the twinkling notes are played on a celesta, which looks like a piano, but the hammers strike chime bars, making the distinctive twinkling sound!

Rather than Blue Monday, we had ‘Blue Letter Day’ on Monday, where the children wrote letters, pictures to give to other people, on blue paper to show their gratitude. Some classes made gratitude trees. We talked about how saying thank you can make both people feel really special. We also reminded everyone of how important it is to talk to a trusted adult, if you have worries. It was a lovely, sunny morning and I think everyone felt that we had had a happy day at school.

Our Year 6 children were invited to Charterhouse school on Tuesday afternoon to take part in science activities. The first week had a chemistry focus. The children were able to experiment with a range of chemical reactions in the science labs, it was very exciting, and they are looking forward to returning next week.

We had a wonderful day yesterday at O2 Arena for the Young Voices Concert. Our KS 2 Choir of fifty-eight children have been rehearsing their songs since September. There were 8,472 children altogether taking part. It was an amazing evening and a wonderful experience for the children to be part of something so big. It was a long day but all the children were fantastic, and I think all the families enjoyed it too. Our green hats certainly help to keep us all together in a crowd! Well done everyone.

Have a lovely weekend,