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Friday 26th January 2024

We are scientists!

The weeks are flying by now and we have noticed the afternoons are getting lighter too as we approach the end of January.

The children have settled back into their learning and have been very busy. In class this week I have seen lots of children reading. Master Readers is proving to be very successful. Year 2 children have started on their Master Reader journey with their book, ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’. In Year 1, the children have been writing instructions for baking a cake and painted some beautiful chicken pictures. There is some space exploration taking place in Year R. Year 4 children are writing about Pompeii and their learning about volcanoes, seen in Year 3, helps their progression of learning. Year 5 have been making pulleys in DT, multiplying fractions in maths and choreographing dances to Jailhouse Rock!

Year 6 has been to their second science workshop at Charterhouse School. This week they were learning about physics. They had to create vehicles with crumple zones to protect eggs and even dropped eggs from the roof of the building after designing parachutes to protect them. There was great egg-citement and some very creative designs. Next week the children will participate in some biology investigations and see some amazing chemical reactions! It has been a wonderful opportunity to enhance their learning and be inspired by the fantastic resources at Charterhouse.

Yesterday we were very busy with a Focus Visit from the Diocese looking at RE, prayer and worship and Catholic life and mission at St Edmund’s. It was lovely to share all that we do at school and to hear the children talking about their school with pride and enthusiasm. Well done everyone.

Have a lovely weekend,