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Friday 2nd February 2024

First February Friday

It’s the first Friday in February and, although it’s still rather cool, it’s been great to see some spring sunshine and feel the lengthening days.

It was the final session for Year 6 children at Charterhouse School on Tuesday afternoon. The children have had an amazing experience and would love to continue going every week. This time, the children had maggot races, dipping the blunt end of their live maggots into red dye and watching and timing their movements across the paper.  They then repeated their experiment in the dark to see how light conditions changed their results.  Finally, the children watched a fantastic range of chemistry experiments, with light, colour, burning and very loud explosions. The children have been really inspired by the whole experience and I think we may have quite a few scientists in the making!

We all enjoyed Year 1’s class assembly this morning where they shared their learning about space. We took a trip to the moon with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and even saw a special one-off episode of ‘I’m an astronaut, get me out of here!’ The children knew their lines and confidently sang and acted together. We can see how much you are learning in year 1. Well done everyone.  

Good luck to the runners taking part in the cross-country event tomorrow after noon at Rodborough School.

Have a lovely weekend,