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Friday 10th May 2019

Planetarium, rainy days and jubilee preparations..

Friday 10th May 2019

We have had another four day week and a return to rather wet and windy conditions. Things are looking very bright in school though, with wonderful learning and our amazing new hall display taking shape. For the display, we have taken inspiration from the parable of the mustard seed and linked this with our Golden Jubilee to help us celebrate our school family. Every child has made a leaf and a butterfly. The leaves have their names on, the tree trunk has every family name on and the butterflies, in rainbow colours, have different things the children value about our school.

We started the week with a visit from the inflatable planetarium taking Year 5 into space and beyond! They really enjoyed the experience and it has helped to bring their topic to life.

During our assembly on Wednesday we talked about Mary and how we think of her particularly during the month of May. We looked at what we know about her through different pictures and paintings of her life and talked about the rosary and how we can use this to pray and ask Mary to pray for us.

Our school council have been busy recently making plans for the Golden Jubilee and a time capsule which will be buried with photos and objects from 2019 to be dug up at a later date. They are also looking forward to tasting some new meals for the lunch menu this morning. This will be an additional option for KS 2 children.

This morning we have had an amazing assembly from our Year 1 children. The children told us all about life cycles and story writing, measuring and grammar! It was very funny and cleverly linked together. I was so impressed by the children’s confidence and independence. Very well done Year 1, you made us all smile.

Our little blue tit family is growing at a rapid pace in the bird box; our mummy and daddy are in and out constantly feeding caterpillars to the growing babies.  

Next week is a very important one for our Year 6 children as they take their SATs tests. They have worked so hard this year and I am so proud of them all, I know they will do their very best.

This weekend will be busy too with the first group of our children making their First Holy Communion on Sunday afternoon. They have been preparing all year and I know that it will be a very special day for them and their families.  Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers at this important time.


Have a lovely weekend,