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Friday 10th July 2020

Transition time and planning ahead

We are getting very close to the end of the school year and what a strange year it has been. I am so impressed by how well the children in school have coped with the changes, especially Year 6, they haven't complained at all about the things they are missing out on this year. They really have appreciated all the little thing that we are doing in school to make their last few days feel special. I have been looking back through some old photos of Year 6 when they were in Year R, they all enjoyed seeing themselves when they were little and we even found a video of them interviewing me about my job! 

On Wednesday, Year 6 went on a sightly damp walk to Wintershall. We have never attempted to walk before, thinking that it would be too far, but by taking a direct route across fields and footpaths, it's about two and a half miles. We did have to have a couple of practice walks, without the children, to establish the right route. The children really enjoyed the walk, and we had a wonderful day. They had a special liturgy and workshop thinking about their name, who they are and how God call each one of us. We had a picnic lunch and the children enjoyed a spot of sheep herding in the fields! Whilst the children are not doing all the usual end of year rituals, this is something new and and a happy memory for them to take away. 

On Thursday Year 6 were joined by Andy from the Trinity Trust Team for a transition workshop in the playground followed by a liturgy with Fr Jonathan. 

Our Year R and Year 1 children are very happy and really enjoying their learning in their bubbles. Year 1 children are all set to join the circus! Year R children have been learning all about pets this week. There has been some amazing work on Seesaw this week! Amongst all the learning I have seen beautiful rainforests, pets, yoga, stories, sports, creative maths on angles, history and animation!

I have spent a long time preparing timetables and letters for everyone for September, which I will have ready to send out next week, I hope. Trying to stagger timings for 210 children is not easy and I want to get it right!

I hope everyone enjoys a sunny weekend,