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Emergency school closure

In the event of adverse weather conditions, parents will receive a text letting them know whether the school is open or not.  The school will only shut if there is no heating or the roads and pavements are so icy as to pose a danger to walkers or we do not have enough staff on site to provide adequate supervision for the children.

The school will either be "open as normal" or, if it has been snowing heavily, roads are not passable and other local schools are liable to be shut, open for those who can attend safely. 

  • the school is open for those who need their children looked after for the day and who can get in safely (probably because they can either walk in safely or have a suitable vehicle)
  • the curriculum will include a variety of activities and be tailored to the needs of those children who attend.
  • parents are encouraged to send the children with a change of clothes as they will play safely outside for brief periods.
  • a message regarding whether Clubhouse will be open will be sent

If it looks like there is doubt as to whether the school will open, you will receive an Arbor text by 8:15 am at the latest. Alternatively, look on this website or local radio / Surrey County Council websites.

Surrey County Council