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St Edmund King and Martyr

How much do you know about St Edmund? 

As he lived so long ago, it is hard to know exactly how he lived and died.

We think that he was born in 841 and crowned king of East Anglia when he was only 14 years old. 

When the Vikings invaded, Edmund refused to turn against Christ and so he fought the invaders. He was tied to a tree, thought to be an oak tree where he was beaten and shot with arrows and finally beheaded. He died on 20th November 869. 

According to legend, his head was thrown into the forest and only found by the searchers when a wolf cried, 'hic, hic, hic' meaning 'Here, here, here!'

He was buried at a place now named Bury St Edmund's.

Many people think that St Edmund should be the patron saint on England, as he was born, lived and died in this country unlike St George. 

Did you know that St Edmund is the patron saint of pandemics? 


The wonderful illustration above is by Brian Whelan from the book A Casket of Wonders written by Tim Holt Wilson.