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Staff and Governors

September 2023


  • Mrs Elizabeth Higgins

Deputy Headteacher

  • Mrs Hua

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)

  • Mrs Patrick

Office and Premises Manager

  • Alex Caamano and Jennie Duckham


  • Mrs Watson (Reception)
  • Mrs Patrick (Year R Wednesdays)
  • Mrs Eddles (Year 1)
  • Miss Pink (Year 2)
  • Mrs Every (Year 3)
  • Mrs Holden (Year 4)
  • Mrs Shorten (Year 5)
  • Mrs Brodbin (Year 5)
  • Mrs Hua (Year 6)
  • Mrs Edwards (Y3 on Fri; Y6 on Thu)
  • Mrs Field (Y4 Mon & Tue)

Home School Link Worker / Senior Special Needs Assistant

  • Mrs Tod

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs Harling
  • Mrs Clifford

Learning Support Assistants

  • Miss Bickmore
  • Mrs Bigg
  • Mrs Clifford
  • Mrs Emery
  • Miss Hanna
  • Mrs A Bain
  • Mrs Harling
  • Mrs Heffron
  • Miss Kap
  • Mrs Millis
  • Mrs O'Mahoney
  • Mrs Paiano
  • Mrs L Smith
  • Mrs Sherwin


  • Josefine Austin

Midday Supervisors               

  • Mrs Fulleylove
  • Miss Harris
  • Mrs Lennox
  • Miss Kap

Office Staff

  • Mrs Kingdon (Mon all day; Tue all day; Wed AM)
  • Mrs Nicholls (Mon-Fri PM)
  • Mrs Bain (Wed PM, all day Thu and Fri )


  • Mr Judge


Chair of Governors:

  • Mrs Gordon (Foundation)

Other Governors:

  • Mrs Higgins (Headteacher)
  • Mrs Hua (Staff)
  • Rev How (Foundation)
  • Mrs Baudains (Parent)
  • Mrs Vanns (Parent)
  • Mr Jamin Bentley (Foundation)

Clerk to the Governors

  • Clare Levere

Please note that governors' meetings are open; please let the school know should you wish to attend (as an observer only).  Should you wish to contact the Chair of Governors, please do so via the school office.

The forthcoming meetings of the LGC (all at 8am): Fri 2nd Feb, Fri 22nd Mar, Fri 3rd May, Fri 12th Jul 2024.

The Governors of St Edmund's School believe it is important that boards reflect the diversity of the school communities they serve.  Diverse boards promote inclusive school environments and provide diverse role models for staff and young people.  The governors are currently collecting data on the diversity of the board, including data on age, gender and ethnicity.  They will use that data to inform their recruitment and training needs and ensure there is always a diverse range of perspectives around the table to support robust decision making.  Due to our relatively small Governing Body we do not publish this diversity data online as individual governors could be identified and we have a legal obligation to protect their personal data.