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We all know that the internet can be a great help in education - and indeed we often use it at school. But it can also cause problems.

Some of the material available online is clearly not suitable for children and there are many problems that can arise from such material. You will probably have heard about people on Internet chat rooms who are not who they claim to be. You might also have heard about bullies who use the internet to make the life of others an absolute misery.

The best way to help your child is for you to be aware of the dangers of the Internet so that you can recognise the danger signals and act before it is too late.

This part of the school website will help you to understand the risks and educational opportunities the internet brings.

Useful websites:

At school, we follow the Surrey eSafety curriculum. This builds up to a better understanding of the risks and how to stay safe.

Below you will find some useful information.